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Summarization of The Activities of TCP

Many years specialized in talent acquisition in the management trainee programs, talent development programs for the MNCs as corporate employer members of TalentVietnam. Some of our clients for Talent recruitment that are worldwide recognized: Pepsico, AIA/ AIG, Diethelm (DKSH), Societe Generale VietFinance, Samsung, Unilever, British American Tobacco, Ikea etc.

In 2011:

In 2011, Talent Converging Program – TCP is marked as five-year milestone. During five years of operation, we have conducted a lot of activities which aim to build positive values to students and communities. From the year of 2011, TCP will be operated not only in the period of the year but also in the whole year.

Stage 1: May 23 – July 07

The first stage of TCP is started from May 23 with the cooperation of:

• Recruitment Partners: DKSH, ICP Cooperation, C.T. Group
• Training & Scholarship Partners: AUSP, Khue Van Academy
• Co- organizer: SAC

TCP 2011 is designed with the main theme "Be Leadership" so this year program is focused on activities that give senior students more opportunities to nurture and develop their ambitions. Also, inheriting the values from previous program, thought the program we want to create positive impact to not only students but also our community. Participating to this year TCP, the students can get a chance to take a part in career orientation that can help them to consolidate their confidence and build up their career plan to become "a leader" in near future.

This year program, we expand the scope of candidates in three popular major: Economics, Technology, and Finance and Banking. In the first state of the program, we have received more than 800 applications to register with the following phases:

• Assessment Day: There are tests for the candidates who pass the screening applications in Hall D1, University of Social Sciences & Humanities HCMC. The tests are included:

+ IQ Test
+ General Knowledge Test
+ English Test

• Training Days: These days are cooperated with our partner, Khue Van Academy in July 02, 03. Only the candidates who pass the tests in Assessment Day were invited to participate. The candidates are divided into three groups and study two main subjects such Professional Demeanor and Leadership.

• Festival Day: We organize this day for our best candidates who pass previous phases in July 07 at StarCity hotel. On this day, our candidates can join team-building games to practice necessary skills for career development. We also select the top 50 candidates who receive Certificate of Recognition of this year program. Beside the certificate, the top 50 candidates will have opportunities to develop their career with partners.

Stage 2: September 12 – October 08

The last stage of TCP started from September 12 with the cooperation of:

  • Vietnam Brewery Limited – VBL
  • BP Castro Vietnam
  • Unza Vietnam
  • AUSP

2011 is marked as the expansion year of TCP because this is the first year TCP is organized two times per year with activities in the whole year in comparison with the previous years. In this stage of the program, we organized “Assessment Day” at University of Technology on October 08 with 69 candidates who had passed our Screening Application round.

At this day, we also co-organized with Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City held “Enterprises with Students of VNU-HCM 2011 Program”. This is one of our efforts in contributing the student community to reach career opportunity.

In 2010:

Inheriting the fruitful results of the 4 previous Talent Converging Programs from 2006 – 2009, the Talent Converging Program – TCP2010 officially started from April 19th 2010 with supports from Student Assistance Center (SAC) and Vina Kyoei Steel Company and media sponsorship from Dat Viet Newspaper, Dan Tri Online / DTiNews.

The theme of this year program featured "Drive your Dream – Create your Career", which is also the mission of the program. TCP 2010 threw a wind of excitement and values to students through a series of featured events to honor young living examples who overcoming obstacles to fulfill their dreams, as well as provide valuable guidelines and advices for students to know how to make their career plans based on their very abilities and competences and how to make action plan to make their dreams come true.

The highlight of this year program was the focus of all activities towards "How to provide guidelines and advise young students to fulfill their dreams". All activities attracted speakers who are holding leading positions at many companies and educational institutes who are partners of the program. These activities include:
• Seminar themed "Drive your Dream – Create your Career", organized for students whose majors are in Economy, Technology and Medicine on May 15th at Youth Cultural House
• The writing contest "Dream story" targeted at students in HCMC with many attractive gifts and opportunities to become one of the 3 students to sit in the panel with speakers in the seminar organized on May 15th
• The 2nd Students & Career survey to find out the career orientation practices of students
• The Assessment Day to qualify top students who are entitled with scholarships and recruitment opportunities at many leading companies
• The career fair "Students & Career" with multiple activities including: announcing the findings of Students & Career survey, interacting with scholars on topics of how to fulfill career objectives, interacting with over 30 recruiters, etc.
• Series of skill training sessions at many top universities in HCMC

In addition to being entitled to join recruitment program of Jotun Paint Company and other recruitment programs, students also had chance to obtain scholarships worth total of 444 mil VND from NVM Group, CamBridge Tesol, English language center of National University of HCMC and Pioneer training school.

Talent Converging Program – TCP2010 received over 520 registrations (increase 30% against 2009). Most were from students who were studying in Hanoi & HCMC. The dominant number came from University of Law & Economic, HCMC (31%)


In 2009:

2009 witnessed the instability happened to most businesses in Vietnam in general and to employees in particular. The recession caused severe effects on experienced workers, let alone fresh graduates.

Understanding this issue, NVM Group cooperated with Student Assistance Center (SAC) to carry out the Talent Converging Program – TCP2009 bearing the mission of supporting fresh graduates and students to equip themselves with competence and knowledge to find suitable jobs in time of uncertainty.

Over 1000 students attended the Career day organized at the Youth Cultural House on May 21st 2009. Many students' concerns as of how to seek for jobs during recession, how to build career plans, etc. were answered by representatives from Masan Food Company, NVM Group, Cambridge Esol, Pioneer School, VietnamLearning and Talent Link.

About 400 registrations were submitted to organizing committee only after 1 month launching. 160 best students were selected for Accessment Day organized on June 12th 2009 at Park Royal with the same format (as previous years), to include: English test, IQ test and General Knowledge test.

The program ended in a happy and cozy closing ceremony to be held on July 10th. Top 30 excellent students were granted by the organizer. In addition to have the chance in Management Trainee Program 2009 of Masan Food Company, all of them were granted with 100% Bulats examnination fee.


In 2008:

With two years of experiences, TCP 2008 was prepared more carefully and improved significantly. NVM Group organized two big seminars on May 10 th and 14 th at the Youth Culture House (for students of Economy and Finance faculties) and in the HCM City Polytechnic University (for students of Technical faculties). Over 2,000 students attended in these seminars.

The number of applications was very high, not only from HCMC but also from Hanoi, Danang, Nhatrang and Cantho and especially from oversea students. The TCP 2008 recruiters were PepsiCo Vietnam, AIA and DKSH Vietnam. Because of its social effects, beside of Vietnamese student newspaper, TCP 2008 also had media sponsors from Business World magazine, Dantri online, Tritri magazine.

Afterward, Nhan Viet invited 155 top candidates took part in Assessment Day which was held at the Hall of Park Royal hotel on June 5 th 2008. All the English test question of the exam was sponsored by Cambridge University.

The outstanding difference of TCP 2008 compared with last TCPs was "Workshop day" which was held on July 3 rd at Big Hall of Moevenpick (former Omni) hotel. The organizer was NVM Group Consulting Group, this combined with "Management Trainee Program" of Multinational Corporations in Vietnam. The list of 500 students who was invited to the workshop was selected through some criteria of TCP. They had chances to get information and approach not only TCP 2008 recruitment partners but also others such as SG VietFinance, Saigon Paper and VIPdatabase Corporation.


In 2007:

Since 2007, the program has been officially named "Talent Converging Program" (TCP), as a link between Entrepreneurs and young talents. The TCP 2007 recruiters were AIA Vietnam, Vinagame, Sony and Unilever Vietnam; the scholarship sponsors were ILA Vietnam and TNS. As usual, after program finished NVM Group organized a meeting and awarded certifications to 33 top candidates and English studying scholarships to five top candidates. "Vietnamese Student" newspaper was the media sponsor of TCP 2007. "Management Trainee Program" of PepsiCo Vietnam in 2007 also carried out successfully by NVM Group Consulting Group.


In 2006:

"Talent Converging Program" (TCP), beginning with "Management Trainee Program" organized by NVM Group Consulting Group for Partners are PepsiCo Vietnam and BAT Vietnam in 2006. This well responded by many recruiters, candidates and education organizations in which ILA Vietnam offered scholarship for five top candidates. After the program, NVM Group Company set up a meeting in order to help students understand more about "Management Trainee Program", a talent-seeker" tool of the huge companies.


NVM Group contributes to society through our annual Talent Converging Program or TCP whose mission is to  "Connect – Orient – Incubate – Develop" Youth Talents by associating with the University Partners, Training Partners, Business Partners & Media Partners to organize the series of activities related career which bring the good impact to student community.

We conduct the annual Student & Career Survey to obtain insights of Youth Talents

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